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'Qigong' Becomes Almost as Popular as Yoga
Eve Soldinger, L.Ac., a practitioner with The Spectrum Center, was interviewed for
WJLA's health news report on the benefits of Qigong.
To see the complete video and article please click here.


The Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine, LLC, has been a presence in downtown
Silver Spring for over 25 years. We believe that better health is possible with non-invasive,
non-chemical therapies, and that all dimensions - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual -
must be addressed in order for an individual to heal fully.

Pain, chronic illness (such as arthritis, asthma, headaches, and premenstrual syndrome),
constant tiredness, addictions, emotional dysfunction, weakened immune system, tight muscles, and
even low spirits are signals that you are not functioning optimally.

Practitioners in our office assess and treat you at the deepest possible level so that symptoms
such as these may be less problematic, and genuine healing is promoted. Even better,
your own overall healing abilities are strengthened - your immune system
will be stronger and you will be less susceptible to relapse.

The Spectrum Center is always happy to receive inquiries from like-minded practitioners
to come and practice in our space.

The Spectrum Center
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Insurance ~ Some of the practitioners accept insurance; please check with
the individual practitioner to see if and what kind of insurance they accept.

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