Hypnosis Practitioner:

Hypnosis can be a means to strengthen the client's own will power to quit a habit. For example, a client who wants to stop smoking, but somehow feels trapped by his/her compulsion, may benefit from hypnosis. Subtle negative thought patterns (e.g., "I must smoke") are combated by a positive suggestion, helping the client to relinquish such negative thoughts and to feel content without cigarettes. Other problems are solved using a similar formula. Hypnosis is not used to explore the so-called "occult" nor as a form of entertainment.

Hypnosis FAQs:

How many sessions are normally required? In most cases, cigarette smoking can be eradicated in one session (our practitioner will give a second session at no charge if a relapse should occur within a three week period). Clients who are troubled by compulsive overeating usually find that they eat less and begin to lose weight after one session. For those who wish to lose twenty or more pounds of excess weight, a total of two or three sessions is recommended. Other problems, such as study concentration, usually show great improvement after one session. It is the practitioner's policy to extend another session at no charge if the client somehow fails to actually achieve hypnosis during the first visit.

What takes place during a typical visit? Clients are seen on an individual basis. (You may bring a friend to witness the entire process if you feel the need for "moral support.") The practitioner will answer any questions the client may have before beginning the actual process of hypnosis. The client is then instructed to calmly follow the voice of the hypnotist during the induction procedure. When it is apparent to both the hypnotist and the client that hypnosis has been achieved, a carefully worded suggestion is given to act as a powerful aid in overcoming the specific problem. At no time does the client fall into a state of unconsciousness: rather he/she is well aware of everything that is done throughout the entire hypnosis. After hypnosis, the client usually feels refreshed, calm, and is perfectly normal.

Can I be hypnotized against my will? No, the whole process requires the client's consent and cooperation. Remember that you are aware even while in the hypnotic state and would be able to reject suggestion or even "awaken" yourself at any time if you strongly desired to do so. It is important, therefore, to decide beforehand that you sincerely wish to overcome your specific problem through the hypnosis. Then it is simply a matter of "letting it happen."

What is the cost of a session? The fee for a session is $80.

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