Elena Khazanova, M.S., LCPC, CMT
Holistic Psychotherapy - integrated with Body & Energy Work,
Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Classes

Holistic psychotherapy helps clients turn their "issues" into strengths, discover elegant solutions to problems, and enjoy the richness and variety of soul's expressions as their symptoms fall away gently and efficiently.

Many of my clients are people who take a hand-crafted approach to life: enterpreneurs, healers, creatives, spiritual seekers - or those in search of inspiration or aliveness. As a result of our work, they often report feeling more creative, playful and light-hearted, at ease with themselves, happier in their relationships.

My counseling and teaching style is gentle and supportive. In our work together, there's room for you to be who you are, with your imperfections, struggles and quirks as well as your talents, strengths and your emotional and spiritual depth.

I have been practicing healing arts for 12 years. Licensed as both counselor and bodyworker, I combine talk therapy with life coaching, EFT and cranio-sacral therapy, depending on your preference and situation. Having many tools to choose from enhances the process of healing and growth, making it more powerful, unique and enjoyable.

Please visit my web site www.GrowWithEase.com, call 240-215-5526, or e-mail at ekhazanova@gmail.com.


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