Eve Soldinger, MPH, MMQ, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
Acupuncture, Medical Qigong

Eve is a five-element acupuncturist and energy worker. She is on the faculty of the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture (Gainesville, FL), and has taught at the Acupressure Institute (Berkeley, CA) as well as other acupuncture colleges throughout the US. An acupuncturist since 1983, her education has included many forms of energy healing including studying with indigenous medicine men and women in Central and South America.

She completed a Master’s Degree in Medical Qigong in 2012. While Qigong is an important aspect of Chinese Medicine, for Eve teaching Qigong and doing Qigong sessions is the cutting edge for creating health and transformation.

The name of her company is Sacred Intuitive Healing as the consistent thread in all her work, teachings and studies is her commitment to transform the individual and community by reestablishing sacred relationships in our lives.

For more specific information please go to www.evesoldinger.com and www.sacredintuitivehealing.com.

8555 16th Street, Suite 402 • Silver Spring • MD • 20910 • 301-565-2700 • info@healingspectrum.com