Gretchen Van Fossan, M.Ac., L.Ac. ~ Co-Owner
Acupuncture, Flower Essences

Knowing how is knowing how to maintain one’s life,
to be acquainted with its rules, to respect them without waste or loss. 
It is to hold oneself internally and externally  in harmony with all that exists.

           ~ Tao te Ching

Gretchen Van Fossan has served as a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture incorporating Herbal Medicine, flower essences and wellness coaching for over sixteen years. With diverse experience in private practice, drug recovery, prison system settings, and educational contexts, she has come to understand the profound relationship between personal and family health, institutional environments, and community well being. Gretchen's passion for healing began as she witnessed her mother and autistic younger brother suffer in and out of institutions that were ill equipped to deal with their multi-faceted health and emotional challenges.

Born in Texas, she was a primary caretaker in her family leading her to study Psychology. Rising out of a deep desire to create whole communities and decrease suffering, Gretchen worked in the nonprofit sector for twelve years developing local and national individual and family volunteer programs and working as a grassroots legislative assistant in the nation’s Capitol. What became evident is that increasing individual and family emotional and physical health can yield more efficient, cost effective and balanced living for communities. This led Gretchen to pursue a Masters in Acupuncture as a unique modality to offer intervention within institutions and to the clients and families that rely on social structures for increased connection and stability to prevent illness and prolong healthful life.

In addition to healing through her private practice focused on treating children, teens, adults and families, Gretchen created the charter for "Partnerships in Healing", a nonprofit acupuncture clinic offering free and affordable acupuncture and herbs, and served as a board member for one of the first community Acupuncture Clinics on the east coast. She is a hospice volunteer, and is co-owner of the Spectrum Center for Natural Medicine, a collaborative care practice. She is the mother of two teens and has been a lay pastor for over 22 years in her local community of Washington, DC.

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