Dr. Jerry Fath, D.MIN, LCPC
Individual and Group Psychotherapy

I have been practicing individual and group psychotherapy in the Silver Spring, Maryland area for over 25 years. For a large part of that time, I was with Kolmac Clinic as the Clinical Director of its Silver Spring office and, more recently, as the in-house, Clinical Trainer.

My therapeutic experience includes chemical dependency: diagnosis, treatment and relapse prevention; as well as, helping others who struggle with depression, anxiety, and adjustment – related disorders.

With a background in both psychology and spirituality, my goals are to meet people where they are, create a trusting therapeutic alliance, and journey with them towards a more fulfilling life that integrates mind, body, and spirit.

For more information or for an appointment please call 301-602-2719 or email jpfath1@verizon.net.


8555 16th Street. Suite 402 • Silver Spring • MD • 20910 • 301-565-2700 • info@healingspectrum.com